The perversion of evolution

On the morning news I saw a report about a car accident caused by deer crossing Germany’s streets. It’s mating season right now, when “love-crazy” animals may unexpectedly run across the street. The consequences of a collision between a vehicle and a roe buck were impressively demonstrated on a car. The unbelievable, official countermeasure is the proposed installation of warning signs on roads in danger zones. Then, all deer will be systematically caught, equipped with a collar with a radio signal and let go again. When an animal with the radio signal collar approaches a street, the warning signs are activated. This would at least allow cooperative drivers to reduce their speed, according to the plan.

I will not raise the question regarding what happens to the animals without these radio collars, nor what happens on the majority of the streets, which are not equipped with these warning signs. Neither will I ask what happens when the radio collars’ batteries wear out, or when collared animals get caught in branches or on fences.

Instead, I will ask: why is the primary patriarchal strategy always focused on changing the environment to suit humans’ needs, and not the other way around? What short-sighted nonsense! Again and again, we intervene in precisely the cause and effect relationship of a huge, naturally developed climate and ecosystem which are in balance. Then we wonder how we create several undesirable symptoms, usually in unexpected places. How little respect we show the basis of our existence, and how arrogant it is to believe that all the problems resulting from this disrespect can be kept under control!

Many of these interventions are even carried out against our better judgement; we know that the intensive use of oil and clearing the rainforest is an absolute death sentence for the world’s climate, but few people take action against it. We still drive petroleum-powered cars, we still take airplanes. Our journey along this road to ruin is nearly irrevocable. We can already see the consequences of climate change, and already the generations of our children and grandchildren will be faced with a hard struggle to secure living space and scarce resources.

The matriarchal attitude isn’t characterized by this ignorance. The laws of nature dictate that one must adapt to ones environment as best as possible in order to survive. The entire evolution of life progressed according to this principle. It is only the patriarchal system which tries to pervert this natural law. In contrast, matriarchal peoples adapt to their environment, not the other way around. They try to live in harmony and according to the rhythm of nature. They only take as much as is absolutely necessary, and as much as can be replenished, from our mother Earth (subsistence economy).

In that first example with car accidents due to deer crossings, this would have meant that –if one absolutely needs individual, motorized transport – at least technical changes would be made to the vehicles so that the vehicle would slow automatically when approaching animals crossing the street (as well as other mobile and immobile obstacles). Systems such as Doppler radar or thermal imaging are two possibilities which would not only prevent collisions with wild game; they could also prevent collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles. The technical requirements for such systems have already been developed, but certain lobbies have been able to successfully block such advancements for a long time…

Meanwhile, if you ask me,I’ll opt to go by train or bike and kindly leave our wild animals alone.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Anatol Stein

(c) all rights reserved by Robert Anatol Stein, 2013



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Robert Anatol Stein, Dipl.-Ing. (BA), Systemischer Coach, Systemischer Körperpsychotherapeut,, Mitglied bzw. Unterstützer von: MatriaVal e.V., Greenpeace, World Vision,,,,
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